Day 1 (June 30): Calgary – Kicking Horse

On my way from the office, as my son Ivan was driving, we were caught in a heavy rain storm with some hail.  Perfect timing 😦  30 min before my departure. Luckily the rain stopped within 30 min and by 4pm I was on my way!
Not too long after I left home, I was caught in another heavy rain. I said to myself, “why not, stay positive, perfect opportunity to test all the gear for the real Alaskan weather – just one week ahead of time” 🙂

I enjoyed the challenge. All the gear performed  really well including my new, rain proof, bright yellow coveralls that my daughter Lara calls the “yellow highlighter suit”.

Well, until I reached my destination of Golden, BC for today, the sun and rain were taking turns every 30 min or so.



Overall, I had three opportunities to test my gear in heavy rain and hail. The heaviest being just after Lake Louise. At which time the temperature dropped 10 degrees!

Only 10km before my destination I had to stop for a train in perfectly sunny weather. The moment I stopped, the rain started again and I had 10 minutes of silence interrupted with a gong-like sound in my helmet from big raindrops.




Now, to celebrate, I’m sitting on the top of the mountain in my condo and enjoying an amazing view of the Purcell mountains and a fine glass of wine!





Super excited about my ride to Cache Creek tomorrow!!


6 thoughts on “Day 1 (June 30): Calgary – Kicking Horse

  1. So you see now, it is not me that brings the rain. Anyhow it is great that you have tested the new gear at the beginning of the trip close to to your home. I personally did’t have any doubt Aerostich gear. It work always. Good luck buddy. Keep us updated. I wish I was there with you…..


  2. Zoran, I enjoyed your first day almost as much as you did. While you were riding in the rain I was on the Deerfoot in hail and thunder in my AMG 63 quite dry but not as exhilarated as you. Enjoy day 2!!! Peter B


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