Day 2 (July 1): KH – Cache Creek

I woke up to a lovely sunny morning in the mountains. I am heading to Cache Creek and I am very excited because I haven’t explored this part of BC before.



As I was leaving Golden I stopped at The Fire Pit BBQ Smokehouse to say hi to my friend Chris. It just felt neat to spend a few minutes with my Dutch friend Chris on my way to Dutch Harbor, Alaska.

Chris is the owner and the executive chef at The Fire Pit. Prior to that he owned and operated my most favourite restaurant in Golden, The Kicking Horse Grill.



In 2013, Chris, our friend Ron and I rode our motorcycles from Calgary, across the Arctic Circle to Inuvik. From Inuvik we took a small airplane to Tuktoyaktuk. We were at the end of the world – literally.
He is not able to go adventure riding this year – needless to say, he was extremely jealous 🙂

My first break was at the Rogers Pass (1,330m elevation). Even though we are in the month of July, there was still lots of snow in the mountains.



Also, I made a special friend while taking pictures of the mountains 🙂



As I was approaching Revelstoke, the lovely sunny weather turned into a drizzle and soon after that into rain. Luckily no hail this time. The reward came just before Kamloops, when the weather changed again into a beautiful 27C sunny day.

While riding through the rain, right after Salmon Arm, I noticed a billboard that said Motorcycle Museum 81km ahead. I didn’t think of it much until later on when I saw the building on the side of the highway with the same sign.



Well, it’s raining, I needed a break anyway, why not. As I was approaching the building, I visualized in my mind some enthusiastic guy with a few beaten up bikes calling it a museum. I set my expectations low while respecting any effort of the fellow motorcycle enthusiasts. As I parked my bike, this is what I saw:



I was right! This is a joke! I’ll step in anyway.
Oops! This is what I saw inside!



And then this.




And this, …






I could not believe my eyes. The best collection of the motorcycles of all generations I’ve ever seen in my life. All of this in the middle of nowhere.

I approached Robin, the owner and I told him, there must be a story behind this.



Well, I got more than just the story. This is what Robin said:
“I was planting trees for 25 years of my life and my back went bad. I couldn’t do it any more. I needed a change.
I am Christian, I believe in God and l asked God to tell me what should I do for the rest of my life. God told me to build the bikes. So, I decided to look for the property to establish my shop. That’s how this building was presented to me. When I saw it for a first time I said to myself, no way, it’s a dump. But a few days later God gave me a vision of what this building could become. I shared the vision with my wife and we decided to buy the building and setup a shop, museum and cafe.”
As Robin was telling me the story I felt confidence and conviction in his voice. He clearly achieved something impressive and he is proud of it. I was very happy for him.
While at the Dreamcycle Museum, I bought a t-shirt with instructions on it on how to disassemble a Ducati engine. You never know when it may get handy 🙂



As I was riding towards Kamloops, Robin’s story was replaying in my mind.
The road between Kamloops and Cache Creek was like a dream. Empty, with continuous long curves and fascinating views of rolling hills alongside Kamloops Lake.



Cache Creek is a small town with not too much choice of accommodation. I chose the Sage Hills Motel. With the nice view of the hills from my window.


The room comes with a blue neon light at the headboard?!?



Unique, nice and clean.

Tomorrow I am heading to Vanderhoof, via Williams Lake and Prince George.


2 thoughts on “Day 2 (July 1): KH – Cache Creek

  1. Motorcycle museum is great but this view at the Kamloops Lake is to die for. Crazy beautiful. Good for you bud. Enjoy it and keep us posted.


  2. Zoran, great story from the Museum. Sometimes we need to follow our dreams as they are also providence. Also, that blue neon on the headboard is to allow you to see your motorcycle all night long. Happy trails tomorrow. Peter B


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