Day 3 (July 2): Cache Creek – Vanderhoof

I have to admit, I don’t miss the blue neon light from my motel room in Cache Creek. 

The drive north was very scenic.

But I noticed an unusual consistency about the names of the next three towns.



Here is why.

Of the three towns, 70 Mile House was the most unique. It has a motel.


And a restaurant. I was a bit chilly and having a cup of coffee felt like the right thing to do. That’s where I met Joan, the owner. I asked Joan if I could take a picture of her restaurant with her in it for my blog. She said yes and started running away towards the bar where she disappeared. A thought crossed my mind “what happened, something I said!?”  A few seconds later Joan appeared, but this time with a cowboy hat on her head and she said “OK, I am ready, but this wall has to be in the picture”.

After, Joan proudly pointed to the framed picture on the wall by the restaurant kitchen. She is riding too. Only her ride looks like a spaceship.

Good cup of coffee in a special chair 🙂

100 Mile House is the biggest town of the three. They have some unique tourist attractions. Need a pair of (really long) skis?!

Shortly after 150 Mile House I arrived at Williams Lake.

Nice little town with lots of gas stations. But I didn’t stop to fill up the tank. Every time I would see a gas station I would think there must be one more after. At one point I was riding for a good 30min and no gas station in sight. As I was continuing the ride I was starting to get worried about running out of gas in the middle of nowhere. Luckily, a few minutes later, I was travelling through a small native village north of Williams Lake, and to my relief, Sun Valley Gas station appeared.

I didn’t have to worry about gas now as I carried on my way to Prince George. The road continued through fascinating scenery with the sides often covered in endless blankets of yellow and white followers. It was a very enjoyable ride.

I stopped in Prince George for a quick (healthy) meal 🙂

I continued on with my last 90km to Vanderhoof and couldn’t believe how nice and sunny the day ended up being for the last 500km. Well, I jinxed it! At the very last 10km I got hit by a massive rain.

It wasn’t much fun unloading the bike in the rain.

The sun is back in Vanderhoof!!!!! 🙂

I am happy again!

I feel that the real part of my trip begins tomorrow and am excited about it! New Hazelton is an interesting area with many interesting attractions: native history and art, confluence of Skeena and Bulkley rivers, Hagwilget bridge and many more.

Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Day 3 (July 2): Cache Creek – Vanderhoof

  1. Zoran, that was all Shaw Country. I have driven from Calgary to Williams Lake and back and your trip brought back good memories of the country. I love your blog.Peter B


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