Day 11 (July 10): Homer-Anchorage

When I woke up I decided to go once more to Homer Spit. It’s a very intriguing place with an interesting mix of people, from fishing enthusiasts to adventurers. Many people were waking up to a nice sunny day with a view of the ocean and mountains. Some were in tents on a beach, some in their RVs and some in the limited accommodation on the spit.


I enjoyed the views of the Kenai Mountains across Kachemak Bay.



I had to take nother look at Homer Spit from the top of the hill before leaving.


The road from Homer to Anchorage follows the western and northern edge of the Kenai peninsula and offers breathtaking views. As I rode along the coast, the Kenai mountains were slowly disappearing behind me and the views of the Aleutian islands and the mountains on the Alaska Peninsula were opening up across Cook Inlet.


I couldn’t resist but to take a small detour and stop again at Anchor Point.

The beach looked very peaceful and inviting.

As I continued heading north-west the views of the volcanos and mountains across Cook Inlet intensified. Many of them were over 3,000 meter elevation.


The whole area appears so massive and that’s just the most southern part of the Alaskan mainland. I can just imagine how the rest of this great land looks like.

The rest of the ride to Anchorage was enjoyable with lots of great scenery.

As I was getting closer to Anchorage, the traffic was slowly intensifying to the point of becoming a solid continuous lineup for the last 25 km. Half of the vehicles were RVs driven by people of all ages – from very young couples having the adventure of their lifetime to older retired couples taking it easy and enjoying a multi-week trip exploring the Alaskan land.

After settling into my hotel in Anchorage I went downtown to meet with Brian, Matt and Jesse, the three young adventure riders I met a couple of days ago in Valdez. As we were enjoying our drinks, halibut fish & chips and halibut burgers we were catching up on the last two days of riding.


They were in great spirits and still super excited about their adventure. After a very tasty dinner at Humpty’s we went to a café-bar  across the street that had an amazing patio on the top of the building. The reason we ended up there was a bit unusual – they figured out that one of the ladies working there is Serbian and one of the guys was a bit mesmerized with her.  Indeed Ivana is from Serbia, a fourth year university student visiting Anchorage during the summer and making a few bucks working at this café-bar. I got the feeling that Matt’s next adventure trip might be to Serbia.



We had a few drinks on the patio while exchanging many stories. I had to sign a gentleman’s non-disclosure agreement for some of them – just not the right content for the blog.

I enjoyed Matt’s stories about his dad. His dad is his role model. He taught him how to build, repair and ride motorcycles. They ride together. His dad was supposed to join them for this trip but didn’t feel well so he had to pass. Matt bought him a funny t-shirt as a present from this trip. Matt got his degree and enjoys his job in the insurance industry, but his dream is to own and run his own farm.

Brian is madly in love and when he is not on the phone with his lovely fiancé he often talks about her. His lifestyle will change soon as they are getting married in April. I hope his fiancé will read this blog because I really admire his care and commitment to their relationship.

Jesse always has a big smile on his face and is always ready for a good joke and laugh. This is the first time in a couple of decades that he doesn’t have fully grown facial hair and the other two guys are struggling to look at his new appearance.  Jesse taught me a number of life lessons that I should have learned a few decades ago but it was great to learn again. His dream is to adventure ride in Morocco.

The three of them are childhood friends and even though at this point in their lives they are separated by hundreds of miles, they are still best buddies and they radiate with comradery. Thre



One thought on “Day 11 (July 10): Homer-Anchorage

  1. Zoran,
    I am glad that you met up with your friends at the bar in Anchorage and that your non-disclosure is consummated. I thought I would see a picture of the Serbian student but that creates the mystery. I gather that your trip is approaching even more solitude and the occasional wildlife but I will be patient and wait for the next blog. Is there an airplane ride coming soon to get you over the “gap”?

    Enjoy and be safe. Peter B


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