Day 19 (June 18): Prince George-Calgary

I was looking at the map and it’s about 1,200km between here and my home.

Hmm, ….

I am doing it! I’ve done this same stretch in one day before, with Chris.

I started my day by riding a bit faster than usual. I knew if I wanted to make it home today there won’t be much time available to meet new people and enjoy the scenery.

For a while I was passing pretty much everyone on the road. That was until I saw a little black dot far behind me approaching me rather fast. I realized that it’s another motorcycle – clearly going faster than me – some speed maniac probably.  A few seconds later that bike started passing me – look at the yellow lines on the road uh-oh 😉

I know this bike!


That’s Claire and Stella! Another coincidence.

We stopped for a moment to say hi and then kept on riding.


At one of the gas stations we regrouped with Jane and Dean, Claire’s good friends. We kept riding like that until Prince George where we decided to break for lunch. Claire, being true to her profession said, “there is no way I am eating in a fast food restaurant”.  So, she chose the place – Nancy O’s.



Great food. Tasted like a home cooked meal. I really enjoyed it. They are true to the statement on their website:

“Our goal is to create a place where “the good life” can unfold naturally. We are a small, 60 seat adult only restaurant that focuses on the highest quality food, (keep an eye out for farmers dropping off freshly cut produce!)) interesting beers and cocktails, (60+ beers from around the world),  live entertainment. (150+ shows per year), all in a relaxing atmosphere where you can be yourself, rub shoulders with 19yr olds to 90 yrs olds,  people on first dates and regulars, friends, and family.”

After lunch we split.

Between Prince George and Jasper I saw another three bears. One of them was quite big – didn’t wanna bother him by taking pictures 🙂

Riding 1,200km takes a bit of time, among other things I practiced some selfies …


As I was approaching Alberta I was welcomed by the grandiose view of Mt. Robson.


This is the first time I saw Mt. Robson in clear weather.

Then this appeared.


I guess this is it 😦

As I passed Jasper and started heading toward Lake Louise, I was reminded of how beautiful the nature is in our own backyard.


And then at some point this is what appeard on the horizon.


A great symbolic way to finish the trip.

And finally, …, this is where it all started 19 days ago.


Back at home 🙂


One thought on “Day 19 (June 18): Prince George-Calgary

  1. Zoran, that is a beautiful sight to behold. Your BMW parked in your garage after taking you to unbelievable places safely. What an endorsement for BMW and your yellow outerwear. I look forward to sitting down with you and learning all about your trip beyond the blog. Take care. I ran into the Shaw boys last night in Toronto. All my best, peter b


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