Traveler’s Thoughts

My trusting travelling companion over these past few weeks is now parked safely in its resting spot in the garage and I am now sitting in my favorite chair, relaxing with a nice glass of wine and reflecting about the last 19 days.

I rode 8,075km of paved and unpaved roads.

Traveled on ferries for some 1,000km.

Flew on a plane for some 2,000km.

I often challenged myself physically and mentally on this trip. I was forced to make quick decisions. And I truly enjoyed being that unassuming and approachable guy on the bike.

I met some exceptional people that are inspirational, giving with no expectations, that opened up my mind about the world we live in.

And I’ve seen places in northern Canada and Alaska that I didn’t even imagine existed. With breathtaking beauty and intimidating scale.

Many of you joined this trip with me and supported me through your emails, texts, phone calls and from the brave ones, your comments on the blog site. I am truly grateful for your time and support.

This trip made me a better person and I hope there are many more to come.




2 thoughts on “Traveler’s Thoughts

  1. Dear Zoran I am in Toronto at the Corus Board meeting and completed reading your final odyssey with happiness that you are safe at home and sadness that my daily read is now complete. Congratulations on an very enjoyable and enthralling trip where I agree you are a better man for GE experience. Your friend Peter.


  2. Bravo Bravo Bravo. Great trip bud. This type of traveling is like a University with major in life. You learn about yourself, people and the world on many levels. You realize how simple the life is, how beautiful is the planet we live on and how great the people are. This experience is humbling. Mnogo si pobedio ovaj put. See you on the next one.



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